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From its founding in 2003 as a general computer repair service to its evolution into an end-user IT security consultancy, has always focused on helping small- and medium-sized businesses adapt to the rapid changes -- and risks -- in technology.

Our most recent focus on educating end-users -- like your employees -- about the dangers of social engineering technqiues used by hackers and other cyber criminals has grown out of the preventable stories of lost data and money due to scams utilized by hackers and other cyber criminals.

A common thread in those crimes was the use of social engineering to bypass security hardware and software including firewall appliances and anti-spam and anti-virus software and suites.

That led me to develop the FlexIT End-User IT Security Program to teach employees in plain English not only what to watch for but also how to detect future scams by understanding the motivations and methods cyber criminals use in their own "businesses".

Aware of the avenues hackers use to gain access to sensitive data, we developed a multi-layered end-user IT security program that starts with traditional defenses like anti-virus but provides employees the same technical protection on the road as in the office, and includes critical education on best security practices, the acceptable use of network resources, and the recognition of and response to attacks.

The technology background of Eric Magill, the founder of and the End-User IT Security Group on LinkedIn, dates to 1996, when he helped start Beach-Net!, which is now the largest online travel guide and web site hosting service for coastal Delaware and Maryland.

After leaving Beach-Net! in 2000, Magill started Sussex County Online, an online information site and web hosting company. Customers of Sussex County Online moved Magill in the direction of computer services, which led to the creation of FlexITechs in 2003.

To learn more about how the FlexIT End-User Protection Program can help protect your company, employees, customers and vendors, contact us at 302-537-4198,, or submit our Contact Form.