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Security plans and policies can not only save your company the embarrassment and financial losses associated with data breaches, but also from spending unnecessarily on security measures. We can help update or create all of the following policies for your business:

Security Assessment:
Before developing any security policy or plan, the Security Assessment assess the value of your company's data, the risks to that data, the potential costs of those risks, and how much should be spent to mitigate the risks.

Security Plan:
Based on the Security Assessment, the Security Plan defines how assets are physically protected, including physical access to the facility itself and network devices, and the disposal of obsolete devices and media, and access rights for departments and individuals.

Acceptable Use Policy:
A critical component of any security plan, AUPs define acceptable and unacceptable use of network resources and develop a culture of security in your organization when presented in a manner that explains the consequences of violating the policy to your company, employees, customers and vendors.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan:
Often working in concert with an Acceptable Use Policy, a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan, Employee Handbooks, and other company policies, guidelines, standards and procedures, a Security Plan encompasses all facets of security in your business, not just computer security.

For help with updating or creating security policies and plans, contact us at 302-537-4198 or submit our Contact Form.
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