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What would you do if you suddenly lost your data? How much would it cost to recover your data? What if the data backups you had didn't work when you needed them?

The FlexIT Backup Plan is the most cost effective, secure, and convenient way to automatically back up your critical data offsite.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected happens (system crash, virus, fire, flood, theft, sabotage, file corruption, etc.) your data is encrypted, safe and secure offsite at multiple data centers.

Read through the info below and then call us at 537-4198 or contact us for more information.

Your Backups Are Automatic
Once the initial setup has been completed and the first backup has started, there is typically no human intervention required. Every day your scheduled backups begin at the selected times.

Your Backups are Monitored
We monitor your backups every day to ensure they have succeeded. If we see a backup that has failed, we take action to troubleshoot the issue and perform a successful backup.

Your Backups are Tested
Did you know that 30% of all backups fail during the backup or restoration process? We test restoration of backups to ensure that your backups will work when needed.

Your Backups are Redundant
We store multiple copies of each backup so that if the latest backup is corrupted, we can go back a day or two to a previous backup so you don't lose all of your data or all of a file.

Your Backups are Secure
Rotating encryption keys and SOC2 and HIPAA compliance keep your company's data and the information of your employees, customers and vendors safe.

To learn more about our FlexIT Backup plans, call us at 302-537-4198. To request a quote, please submit our contact form.
When all else fails, will your backups work?
Automated, monitored remote backups
take the guesswork out of data recovery
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