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Protect your business from cyber attacks with security solutions and software - 302-537-4198
Protect your network and employees on any
device, anywhere, with our security solutions
Our lightning fast cyber security solution not only includes anti-virus but is the fastest security solution on the planet with scans taking as little as a minute.

More than just checking for viruses, our FlexIT End-User Protection suite protects your SMB network against attacks from multiple vectors to close the holes that traditional anti-virus leaves open.

This multi-layered solution, designed for small- and mid-sized businesses and budgets, includes:

As a followup to our FlexIT Security Awareness Training program, your company  will be protected from theats in emails, web sites, fileattachments, links, ads, social media, usb devices and other multi-pronged attacks.

To protect your organization, and the data of your employees, customers and vendors, contact Eric Magill at 302-537-4198, at, or with our Contact Form.

Anti-virus that scans in minutes and doesn't conflict with your software
Web filtering that lets you know if a site is safe before you click
Protection against zero-hour threats
Restoring files to their uninfected state to avoid re-imaging
Fully managed security service that allows your employees to focus on business
U.S.-based solution that isn't connected to a foreign adversary

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The FlexIT End-User IT Security Program